Contract Details

Read below for detailed information on our trading specifications and rules.

Fees & Commissions

Account Opening Fee None
Auto-Closeout Fee None

Margin Rules

Account Currency GBP, EUR or USD
Minimum Initial Deposit None
Required Margin Varies depending on instrument - please refer to this page for full details
Margin Call No margin call will be issued
Auto-Closeout Your positions will be closed out automatically if your net equity falls below 60% of margin ratio in your account base currency.

Order Features

Price Quotes Two way pricing - Sell and Buy
Trading Platform MT4
MT4 for iOS and Android devices
Please be aware that our operators cannot accept any orders via telephone or any other alternative means.
Order Types One-Click Order, Market Order, Limit Order, Stop Order, Take Profit Order, Stop Loss Order
Expiry Type Good-Till-Cancelled (GTC)
Good-Till-Date (GTD)
Hedging This is an optional feature, and although it may be convenient to enter hedged trades at the same time, we do not recommend the usage of the feature to our clients. You should be aware of the various factors that could affect your account balance as a result of executing such hedged trades, such as:

- Possible negative spread (i.e. rollover charges may be higher than rollover accruals) if hedged positions are held overnight; or
- You will be subject to twice the usual trading cost when closing these hedged trades.

Please note that you will only be required to hold margin for one side of the hedged part of your trades.

It will be your responsibility to continually monitor your positions, and Trade will be not liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of this feature.
Maximum Deviation Settings

When setting maximum pip deviation on MT4, 1 pip on this MT4 feature is calculated by:

For 5-digit pricing FX pairs - by the 4th decimal place (0.00010)
For 3-digit pricing FX pairs - by the 2nd decimal place (0.010)
For Gold (including Gold_L) - by the 1st decimal place (0.10)
For Silver - by the 2nd decimal place (0.010)
For Platinum - by 1 (1.00)
For Indices - by 1 (1.0 or 1, depending on the tick size)
For USOil - by the 2nd decimal place (0.01)
For Softs - by the 1st decimal place (0.1) for Corn, and by 1 for Soybeans (1.0)

(Physical Settlement)
Not available

Market Hours

Trading Hours Varies depending on instrument - please refer to this page for full details
Trading Close In relation to each Trading Day, 22:00 UK Time during Eastern Standard Time(EST*) Period, or 21:00 UK Time during Eastern Daylight Time(EDT**) Period
*EST runs from 2:00am on the first Sunday of November until 2:00am on the second Sunday of March
**EDT runs from 2:00am on the second Sunday of March until 2:00am on the first Sunday of November
Please be aware that trading on all products will be suspended from 22:00 - 22:05 (UK time) every trading day during the EST period, and 21:00 - 21:05 (UK time) during the EDT period.

Settlement & Rollover

Profit / Loss Settlement Realised trading profit/loss will be settled (i.e. credited to or debited from the cash balance) at Trading Close.
Rollover The realised amount will be settled (i.e., credited to or debited from the cash balance) at Trading Close.

Please note that "3-day" rollover will be applied to all open positions at trading close on Wednesdays. USA bank holidays may also affect the number of days allocated for each rollover.

Rollover rates for each product are clearly detailed within the MetaTrader 4 platform. You can check the debited or credited rollover amount under Account History on the platform (for more details, please refer to our MT4 user guide). Alternatively, you can check the rollover amount applied to your open positions via the Client Statement which is emailed to you daily after trading close.

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Risk Warning
Trading in leveraged products carries a high level of risk. Your losses may exceed your initial investment requiring you to make further payments. These products are not suitable for everyone and you should seek independent advice if you are in any doubt. Please ensure that you fully understand the risks.

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