17 Oct 2019

Volatile market conditions expected from market open on Sunday

Dear Clients,

As the situation behind the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union develops, the UK Parliament is expected to hold a session on Saturday 19th October. This is to deliberate (and potentially vote) on the government’s newly negotiated Brexit deal, and/or for the government to explain its position in the event the deal cannot be approved.

Parliament being held on a Saturday while the financial markets are closed is a rare event (this is the first time in the UK since 1982), and as a result, may result in significant market volatility and price gapping at market open on Sunday evening, depending on Saturday’s developments.

Whilst these market conditions may present some trading opportunities, you should be aware that they may also result in wider spreads and reduced liquidity during periods of particularly high market volatility.

In order to protect yourself against these circumstances, it is advisable for you to manage your open positions carefully and to ensure that you have sufficient margin in your account if you intend to hold positions over the weekend.

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Kind regards,

Client Services Department