04 Jul 2019

Automate your trades with Capitalise – our new platform

Dear Client,

Z.com Trade is pleased to announce the launch of Capitalise – a brand new service that empowers you to automate your unique trading strategy using natural language, which is now fully integrated with our MT4 service and available at no extra cost.

Capitalise enables you to build automated strategies which are executed on your MT4 account – the platform allows traders of all levels to easily plan their own unique strategy, while freeing you from the emotional influence that can sometimes undermine trading decisions when trading manually.

Write your trading strategy: Using natural language and everyday English words and phrases to define your entry and exit strategy. For example, you could type “Sell 1,000 EURUSD.e if the NFP (US) results are above forecast” and “Close position at profit of $15” and Capitalise will execute your strategy on your MT4 account when the conditions are met. You can add multiple conditions for ultimate control over your strategy.

Save time: Powerful analytical tools make it simpler to trade smart, monitoring real time market data, technical indicators and macroeconomic data 24/5 – never miss an opportunity!

Simulate a strategy: Experience the full functionality of the platform with virtual trading and test your strategy first of all.

Capitalise is browser-based platform, and you can login with your MT4 account using the link below. You can trade all of our Forex, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrency products and the platform fully supports Classic, ECN, ECN Plus and Professional Accounts.

The Capitalise platform can be found by logging in to the Client Portal, and clicking on “Capitalise (Automated Trading)” on the left sidebar. Simply click here and then the “LAUNCH CAPITALISE PLATFORM” to open the platform.


Once you arrive at Capitalise, simply click on “SIGN IN” and login with your MT4 Live or Demo account using your MT4 ID and Password. Remember to choose the appropriate server for your Live or Demo account.


To create a strategy, simply type your criteria using natural language to define the entry and exit conditions, and confirm to make it active! When specifying the product you want to trade, always remember to add the “.c” (for Classic accounts), “.e” (for ECN/ECN Plus accounts), or “.p” (for Professional accounts) symbol suffix in accordance with your MT4 account type.


To access Capitalise, please click here.

If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Kind regards,

Client Services Department