08 Feb 2018

World No.1 for the 6th consecutive year!

The Retail FX Broker Trading Volumes for 2017 have now been announced, and GMO CLICK has remained the largest broker in the world for retail FX trading volume in 2017* – making it our sixth consecutive year at the top!

Z.com Trade is an affiliated company of GMO CLICK, which began offering leveraged foreign exchange trading services in Japan in October 2006 and was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2015. Our core values of providing high quality technology at a low cost remain at the centre of the services we offer worldwide, and our systems now consistently process over $1 trillion in trading volume on a monthly basis from over 500,000 clients across the world. Z.com Trade’s service were updated in August 2017, by adding an increased number of tradable products and significantly improved execution speeds.

The chart below depicts the world’s top 5 retail FX brokers’ trading volumes for 2017:


*According to the Finance Magnates Forex Transactions Yearly Report for 2017