Z.com Trader Mobile for iPhone

Trade anywhere, anytime with our iPhone app

Giving you the same great features to trade forex around-the-clock, anywhere from your iPhone.Even if you don't have an account, Z.com Trader Mobile gives you instant access to real-time rates, forex charts and latest market events.

One-Click Order

With just a single tap, you may open, close, close & reverse ,or close all positions with the same currency contract using this instantaneous order feature without missing a chance to trade.

Equipped with the same convenient trading features as Z.com Trader Web, Z.com Trader Mobile lets you access all crucial information such as your open positions and profit/loss – everything you need in one mobile screen.

Comprehensive Charting Functionality

Z.com Trader Mobile is equipped with crucial charting features including minimise/maximise, zoom in/out, and scrolling up/down of charts. Powerful technical analysis made possible anytime, anywhere you go.

Charting Area - 5 Price Trends
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
  • Simple Moving Average (SMA)
  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA)
  • Heikin-Ashi (Average Bar)
Technical Area - 4 Oscillators
  • MACD
  • Stochastic
  • RSI
  • DMI / ADX
Graph Period - 12 Types
  • Tick
  • 1 mitute
  • 5 minute
  • 10 minute
  • 15 minute
  • 30 minute
  • 60 minute
  • 4 hour
  • 8 hour
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month

Comes with Latest News Feeds and Customised Alerts

News and economic indicators are constantly updated around the clock. Customised alerts function keeps you notified when your target price has been reached, and informed by sending you reminders on upcoming important economic event/release even if you are not watching the market at all times.

Terms of Use

Anyone can use the Application. However, those without account in the company are limited to use certain functions of the Application. For details, please refer to the "Terms of Use of Mobile Applications"

Supported System Requirements

iOS 6.0 or later
* Compatible with iPhone 3GS or later.

Version Updates

Version 2.2.0 (Released on 20 April 2018)
Feature Description
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) 2FA token has become a required input when logging in. Please log in to Z.com Trader Web with your PC and set up 2FA beforehand.
Version 2.1.0 (Released on 6 December 2017)
Feature Description
Change of application logo New application logo
Version 2.0.0 (Released on 1 April 2017)
Feature Description
Fixed minor problem Updated to version 2.0.0.
Version 1.9.0 (Released on 27 July 2016)
Feature Description
Logo of home icon changed Updated to version 1.9.0.
Version 1.8.0 (Released on 04 Jun 2016)
Feature Description
Change of application name Application name changed from ClickTrade to Z.com Trader Mobile
Logo of home icon changed.
Version 1.7.0 (Released on 09 Jan 2016)
Feature Description
Change of Company Name Company name has changed to GMO-Z.com Forex HK
Version 1.6.0 (Released on 28 Oct 2015)
Feature Description
Supports iOS9 Compatible with iOS9 now
Version 1.5.1 (Released on 14 July 2014)
Feature Description
Bug Fixes Bug fix for NZD/USD
Version 1.5.0 (Released on 28 June 2014)
Feature Description
Change of Tradable Currency Pairs 1) Change of Currency Pairs
[10 currency pairs added]
[2 currency pairs removed]
2) Corresponding to above changes, the display of currency pairs (rates) will be reset to default. All currency pairs settings will be reset to default automatically. Alert settings will also be reset to "OFF".
Addition of countries to the Economic Calendar China, Canada and Switzerland are added.
Additional support for iOS7 1) End of support for version(s) older than iOS6
2) Optimization of some designs
3) Fixed language display error (shown when iPhone device language is set to British English)
Others 1) Change of Company Name (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese)
2) From "日圓" to "日元" (Simplified Chinese only)
3) Amendment of login error messages (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English)
Version 1.4.0 (Released on 3 Dec 2013)
Feature Description
Supports iOS 7 Optimised for iOS 7
Version 1.3.0 (Released on 17 July 2013)
Feature Description
Supports iPhone5 1) The new version is now compatible with 4-inch Retina display.
2) Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Other Fixed some minor errors.
Version 1.2.0 (Released on 26 March 2013)
Feature Description
Change of application name Change of application name to "iClickTrade".
Enhancements to login page 1) Save password feature added
2) Other than alpha-numeric characters, password composition may include special characters
Enhancements to notifications page When there is any important notification, "i" icon has been added to the message title under Notifications.
Enhancements to charts 1) Change of colour for chart background, candlesticks, upper and lower shadow of the candlesticks for higher visibility
2) Standardised display date to "DD/MM" format shown at the lower section of the chart
Enhancements to One-Click page Stop-loss feature added to One-Click. Settings can be customised under One-Click settings.
Others Performance-improving changes made to the application.
Version 1.1.0 (Released on 14 December 2012)
Feature Description
Auto-login feature removed -
Improvements to Order and Confirmation panel 1) Changed selection method of more than 2 items such as currency pairs, from scroll type to select list type
("Skip Order Confirmation" added to [Settings]-[General])
2) Next page changed to [Order Details] upon completion of any order under [Orders]
3) Currency pair names added to respective flag icons
4) All entered order conditions (except rates and stop loss distance) will not be reset back to default but shall be retained in existing input fields when switching between currency pairs, order type or other features.
Improvements to One-Click order panel 1) Link button (gear-shaped icon) added to [Settings] located on the top right hand corner of One-Click order page
2) One-Click trade's vibration ON/OFF feature added to [Settings]-[One-Click]
3) Currency pair names added to respective flag icons
4) Standardised from resetting to default currency pair information to display of same currency pair information from previous page
Improvements to search feature Changed from resetting to default search conditions to retaining same search conditions from previous page
Relevant pages: [Positions Summary], [All Positions], [Orders], [Trade History])
Improvements to Calculator 1) Current price will be automatically shown
2) Tab and hold [Del] button to delete subsequent digits
3) [Cancel] added. Tap to go back to previous page without any changes made
Enhancements to default settings for skipping confirmation page Skip feature for confirmation page added ("Skip Order Confirmation" under [Settings]-[General])
Display item removed "Insufficient Margin" removed from [Account]-[Account Summary]
Other enhancements and improvements Addition and amendment of error messages and other slight enhancements
Version 1.0.0 (Released on 22 October 2012)
Subject Content
Launching iForex Trade iForex Trade has been launched

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