Temporary Adjustment of margin requirement after 3 July market close: Required Margin:No Changes | Margin Call:Below 4% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 80% of Margin Ratio) | Auto-Closeout: Below 2% of Open Positions Value (i.e., 40% of Margin Ratio) | Please refer to Latest Updates for additional details

Segregation of Client Money (Apply to LFX Only)

GMO-Z.com Forex HK Limited ("Z.com Forex") undertakes its best efforts to ensure that monetary deposits received from clients are handled with diligence and accuracy and that such client monies are maintained separately from Z.com Forex's operating funds at all times.

Money held or received by Z.com Forex in Hong Kong will be kept and maintained in one or more segregated account(s) (hereinafter referred to as "Client Accounts") on the clients' behalf. Such Client Accounts shall include any account(s) designated as client account(s) established and maintained held with Authorized Institutions in Hong Kong.

Client money will be segregated and maintained in the Client Accounts on behalf of the clients with the following Authorized Institutions:

  • Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation
  • Bank of China Hong Kong

Designated staff of the Corporate Management Finance Department will be responsible for facilitating and effecting transfers of client money to or from the Client Accounts on a daily basis. Such client money paid out from the Client Accounts would include the payment of commission or other charges due to Z.com Forex and/or the transfer to another segregated bank account for reconciliation purposes.

If there are any excess amounts in the Client Accounts that are not client money, that amount of money should be paid out of the Client Accounts within [one] business day.